Pro Staff Registration

Pro Staff 

What is a Yak Bros Fishing Pro Staff Member?

Yak Bros Pro Staff are anglers passionate about fishing and promoting our brand. They regularly post pictures in our Apparel and are active in the kayak community. They can earn money through leads and receive discounted, or sometimes, free apparel. Pro Staff are featured on all of our social media platforms that reach thousands and can receive amazing opportunity’s throughout the year.



Pro Staff Benefits

Take the next step in growing your professional fishing career by gaining exposure to thousands of companies and anglers in the fishing industry. Your career is in your own hands. The more content you post of yourself in our apparel, the more content we will have of you to share. You will receive 10% off all of our newest and latest apparel, giving you the opportunity to express yourself while out on the water. 

    • Exposure to Thousands of Companies and Anglers in the Industry!

    • 24/7 Access to 10% off of all Apparel!

  • Earn Money by creating leads!
  • You will earn a commission off of each customer you bring to our website who completes a sale.
    • Earn Free Gear!

    • Compete in contest against other pro staff

  • Grow your Professional Fishing Career and Resume!

Pro Staff Expectations

As with any job, there are expectations that must be met by all pro staff members. Pro Staff Members are expected to perform according to the expectations listed. Pro Staff members must make an Initial minimum purchase of $40 from our selection of apparel before being approved to join the team. This is to ensure that all of our pro staff are geared with apparel that will represent the brand.

    • Initial purchase of $40 to gear up and represent

    • Minimum of 4 Yak Bros related Social Media post per Month

    • Ability to carry yourself in a professional manner both online and on the water.

    • Active in the Kayak Community 

    • Join Part of any local forums or Facebook Groups related to kayaking and share Yak Bros Related content within them.

Please Read Full Description Before Applying.